Rafael Vag born in Yerevanin famous sculptor family.

Emotions and sensuality dominate in Rafael Vag's works. 


Poetic rhythm imperceptibly, by quiet strokes, creates a special spirit.

     His wonderful The Church of Ripsime in Echmiadzinis permeated with this mood. 

Rafael follows the traditions of Armenian national art creating the atmosphere of its sensations, thoughts and an individual's attitude to the world.

    "Everything is involved in the performance. The sky has changed colors and they have never repeated. Orange grains of sand have been shimmering in the air and upon touching other objects have sparkled and fallen down... 

Music has been perfect. Sounds have spread and hung in the air. 

It's not clear when this miracle started and when it is going to end" -  that is Rafael Vag's artistic perception.

And if there had been no such wonderful colors he would have created the magic light and beauty of Summer Flower  because he is haunted by the desire to create wonder, because he can't live without this fairy tale.

    A member of the Armenian Artists’ Unionin Yerevansince 1992, Rafael Vag has participated in exhibitions in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Russia, winning great acclaim. He is married to Liana Gor, who is also one of the artists featured in the exhibition